UNlshd. Setting Marketing Free.
When you buy our vouchers, we call them KIBL, they represent a substantial discount on our high quality marketing and advertising services. You can spend those KIBL with us on a range of our services. OR you can trade those KIBL when we list on a token exchange. When we do that, you’ll know, unlike almost all other “crypto” tokens out there – that our tokens have real, tangible value.
We’ve gone from the old beaten-up ICO to offer the world’s first ever value guaranteed IVO – Initial Voucher Offering. The Voucher comes in the form of a value loaded token.
Our whitepaper will take you through the unique and visionary business plan.

Got USD, EUR, GBP or any one of 120 different cryptocurrencies? Want a 10% discount on already super competitive pricing from your creative agency?

Purchase those vouchers now, and secure your world-leading creative component, with one transaction. Each token represents a block of OUR TIME you are buying. You will receive creative and consulting services and you’ll be able to decide how and when to spend your vouchers on those services.

You can easily evaluate our operating currency KIBL because we’ve pegged it against the Euro. You have your choice of contributor to your project (LEVEL 1 TO 15) and can see their KIBL rate – meaning you know exactly how much each resource in your job is costing. please write directly to and we’ll be glad to discuss special bulk pricing. TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

contributor LEVEL list PRICE EUROS € (variable) KIBL (permanently fixed rate per hour)
LEVEL 1 €17 1000
LEVEL 2 €34 2000
LEVEL 3 €51 3000
LEVEL 4 €68 4000
LEVEL 5 €85 5000
LEVEL 6 €102 6000
LEVEL 7 €119 7000
LEVEL 8 €136 8000
contributor LEVEL list PRICE EUROS € (variable) KIBL (permanently fixed rate per hour)
LEVEL 9 €153 9000
LEVEL 10 €170 10000
LEVEL 11 €187 11000
LEVEL 12 €204 12000
LEVEL 13 €221 13000
LEVEL 14 €238 14000
LEVEL 15 €255 15000
take control of your creative agency

Your company, team, group, section or organisation might want something as simple as a flyer, something as complex as an international brand roll-out strategy, a better-than-should-be-expected company video, a social media campaign.  It could be media training, copy-writing, or just game-changing advice. See our list of services that you can exclusively access with KIBL.

Brand communication
Brand development
Brand PR / events / roadshows
Brand strategy
Brainstorming Training and Workshops Content development Communications Strategy
Data Analytics
Digital – Websites/apps

Executive training Marketing/business/brand consultation Media Buying
Media Training
Public & Media Relations
Social media / in uencers
Speech writing
Sponsorships / collaborations
VR and AR games and experiences

Third party hard costs are excluded from any KIBL redemption, we can advise when these might occur after our first strategy session with you.

About Our Platform

All of this is made possible by our unique platform and client app.  Our platform, part-management, part-escrow, part-account manager, part-creative hotspot, allows us to offer the best rates for the best work.   

The client app, allows YOU the client to simply decide when, how long, how much, and exactly what work you would like to be done on your project.  You watch your burn in real time, you can pause everything at the touch of a button, and you’ll always know that nothing is being done in your name that you don’t agree with.  

It’s the ultimate power trip.  You become the CEO of your own top level creative agency.


Until october 2 2019

Private friends and family only sale, done by signing SAFT contracts.

Discount available is 20% to those who are also contributors.

Those who are not will benefit from 15%.

october 29 2019

Launch of IVO with 10% discount. Sale will continue for 6 months. After 6 months tokens are for sale via UNLSHD but will be at ‘par value’ not a discount. Work to begin on projects immediately as they come in, subject to business rules.

Final iterations of Android client app ready January 30 2020.

IOS Client app continuing until completion, potentially March 1 2020.

Functioning platform for Android users available to start using January 1 2020.

April 23 2020

Projected listing of KIBL on crypto exchange.

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